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Barbie Horse Adventures: Wild Horse Rescue
Girls help Barbie and her friends find the lost horses missing from the local riding school in the first Barbie game for the PlayStation2 and Xbox. Girls join Barbie on an action-packed, 3-D horse riding adventure as they ride through five stunning areas – jumping over fallen trees, crossing rickety bridges and avoiding other potential hazards throughout their quest. Girls can guide Barbie and her horse over thin cliff edges and logs in rivers, leading Barbie to dismount her horse and explore the trails on foot, even assisting Barbie to climb ledges and swing hand over hand along low branches.

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Barbie Gotta Have Games
Hit the town with Barbie and her friends for a day of fun and adventure!

Take a spin around town with Barbie and her friends as you cruise to one of eight cool locations! Choose your level and play against your friends! Race down the derby track using your hangman skills, groove and move to simon says on the dance floor and more! With all of these cool games to choose from, you’ll have hours of Barbie style fun!

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Detective Barbie: Mystery Cruise
Here's a new line for Barbie's incredibly long résumé: sleuth. That's right--the gal who brings glamour to everything that she does is hot on the trail of an art thief, and she needs your help to solve the case. Join her on a tropical cruise on which she'll uncover clues, unravel the mystery, collar the crooks, and return the stolen island art to its rightful owner. As in the board game Clue, you'll find that the evidence incriminates different suspects with each new game, which keeps the mystery fresh every time that you play. Also, this adventure game is for one or two players; so, consider bringing in a friend for backup.

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Barbie Explorer
Explore the world with Barbie. Travel to Tibet, Egypt, and the African jungle on a mission to find four ancient, jeweled treasures. Run, jump, swing, climb, and dive to avoid obstacles and deadly pitfalls in a race to unlock the secrets of the Mystic Mirror. Travel only with Barbie or bring a friend, as this game supports up to two players.

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Barbie Race and Ride
Get ready for nonstop horseback riding action with Barbie Race & Ride for the PlayStation game console! Join Barbie to ride and race with friends for pulse pounding two player fun through magnificent snow capped mountains, a redwood forest and more all in amazing 3D! Master obstacle courses and timed competitions and discover a secret level where a special surprise awaits! Ride each trail in daylight and by moonlight, for twice the horseback riding fun! Two different riding perspectives let you race and ride from First and Third Person views.

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Barbie Super Sports
The fun has just begun with the all new Barbie Super Sports designed specifically for the PlayStation game console! Now you can board and blade with Barbie through awesome new 3D environments, go head to head with friends in simultaneous two player races and experience all the jumps, stunts, thrills, and spills from three action packed perspectives! Play five new in-line skating and five extreme snowboarding levels packed with tons of challenging fun! Race against a friend, the clock or a computer opponent. Visit the sport shops to create complete outfits for Barbie and her friends. Earn points to upgrade equipment at the sport shops for even cooler stunts!

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