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Películas de Barbie

Barbie of Swan Lake

Available Formats:
DVD, VHS, and Spanish VHS

Barbie shines in her third animated movie, an adaptation of the classic ballet Swan Lake. A young girl named Odette (played by Barbie) follows a beautiful unicorn into the enchanted forest and picks up a magic crystal that proclaims her destiny as savior of the enchanted forest. Odette, hampered by an overwhelming sense of insecurity, proclaims herself unfit for the job and sets out to leave the forest when the evil wizard Rothbart (voiced by Kelsey Grammer) turns her into a swan. Bolstered by the powers of the magic crystal, Odette vows to defeat Rothbart. Meanwhile, love blossoms between Odette and the town's Prince Daniel and, eventually, Odette finds a courage within herself that, combined with her intelligence and the true love between her and the Prince, proves powerful enough to defeat Rothbart. The computer-generated animation in this 83-minute presentation is vivid and lifelike, the London Symphony gives a wonderful performance of Tchaikovsky's original music, and the choreography and dancing is nicely done thanks to Peter Martins and the New York City Ballet.

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Barbie as Rapunzel (2002)

Available Formats:
DVD, VHS, and Spanish VHS

Barbie as Rapunzel will thrill children aged 3 to 8, following the success of Barbie in the Nutcracker. Barbie may have started life as a doll in the 1950s, but these days she's also making her name as a computer-animated film star. In a modern twist on the classic fairy tale, Barbie stars as Rapunzel--a courageous and imaginative princess who is locked away in a tower by the evil witch Gothel. With help from her friends (Penelope the cute purple dragon and Hobie the rabbit) and through the power of her own creative energies, she paints her way out of the tower to find freedom, truth, and love.

Anjelica Huston is memorable as the vocal talent behind the unbalanced and scary Gothel, and excellent sound effects and colors greatly enhance the film. Hugo the mighty dragon, Otto the nasty ferret, and the sword fight between the feuding kings will hold the attention of those brothers of Barbie fans who are less than enthusiastic about watching this 80-minute film, but essentially this is a little girls' film and the outrageously pink castle, the magical fashion show before the masked ball, and the fairy-tale wedding will make it a firm favorite for that audience.

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Barbie in The Nutcracker (2001)

Available Formats:
DVD, VHS, and Spanish VHS

Look who became a star. Barbie comes to life in this computer-animated Christmas tale that quite naturally takes the longtime favorite doll into a new realm. The plot is a slight variation on the traditional ballet based on Tchaikovsky's music. Instead of being in an open-ended dream, Barbie and her escort, the Nutcracker (soon to be Ken, natch), are on an adventurous quest. Along the way there are more creatures and derring-do than in the original. The sole known voice talent, Tim Curry, has a good old time as the Mouse King, and the animated dancing is gracefully adapted from New York City Ballet choreography. A few clever characters, bright animation, and wonderful music should entrance any Barbie fans ages 3 to 9. The 78-minute feature debuted on video shortly before playing on CBS in 2001.

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Libros de Barbie

Barbie: Libro De Palabras

El Libro Barbie De Las Palabras En Español
(Barbie Spanish Word Book)
Barbie leads the reader through groups of words organized by theme in DK's large-format Barbie Word Book, a useful guide for young students of English or Spanish, or both!

Description from Publisher

Libro De Palabras De Cartón
(Barbie Spanish Word Board Book)
Introducing first word skills through clearly labeled words and pictures, this Spanish Barbie Word Board Book makes learning fun with the world's most popular fashion doll.

Description from Publisher

Libro De Numeros De Cartón
(Barbie Spanish 123 Board Book)
A charming first number board book in Spanish that encourages children to count objects and animals, associate text with images, and build vocabulary -- all with a little help from Barbie!

Description from Publisher

Mi Primer Libro De Pegatinas Sobre Tamaños Y Diferencias En Español
(Barbie My First Spanish Sizes and Opposites Sticker Book)
Barbie helps young Spanish readers learn all about sizes and opposites in this sticker book full of fun.

Barbie sticker books allow children to practice language as they learn about colors and shapes or sizes and opposites, improving skills in both Spanish and English through play as they find the right spot for each reusable sticker.

Description from Publisher

Barbie : Carerras
This all-Spanish book shows Barbie pursuing different careers, from photography to medicine. Carerras is an inspirational book full of vivid photography and illustrative scenes showing what each career looks like. It's perfect for little girls who dream of what they can become.

Description from Publisher

Barbie: Campamento de Caballos

(Cuentos y Autoadhesivos)
Barbie's sister Stacie starts the Horseshoe Club-where helping is a top priority! Children will love to read about Barbie and Stacie's horse adventures. With cool horse stickers to collect, too!

Description from Publisher

Barbie: ¡El caballo inquieto!

(Cuentos y Autoadhesivos)
Rebecca's the new camper at the Lucky Horseshoe Camp and she thinks she doesn't need Barbie's help. Will Rebecca change her tune after her horse becomes frightened and tries to throw her? Find out in this exciting storybook filled with cool horse stickers, too! ¡El caballo inquieto!

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Barbie Como Rapunzel

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